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I live for stories. Let’s tell some.

When I say I live for stories, I mean it. I have been reading since I was three and writing books of my own since I was four. I wanted desperately to be a journalist when I was younger, and wrote a home newspaper (complete with two of my own comic strips) for years. I would draw and write in any genre and medium that struck my fancy. In high school I decided to go to school for film production, and here we are.

What does any of that have to do with you? A lot! Media, whether digital or traditional, feeds on stories. Yes, there are a lot of terrible stories, but there are some pretty good ones, too. I bet you have a good one to tell. Are you trying to sell your absolutely amazing product? Do you work within your community to provide for the needs of those around you? Are you a butcher, a baker, or candlestick maker? You can use the media (social sites, websites, stake-in-the-ground signs, and anything else) to tell your story. You can use videos, blogs, vlogs, graphics, illustrations, photographs, live sessions, quotes, words, testimonies, and whatever suits your particular goal. Telling your story will raise awareness, support, sales… whatever it is you are looking for. And I am here to help you.

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Or maybe you’re just here to read my take on a few movies I’ve seen. That’s cool too. There’s even a convenient link right below this paragraph.

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