The Christmas Chronicles

Between hearing great things about this movie and Netfilx’s recent releases, we decided this movie was worth a shot. Now, I don’t usually consider myself a “Christmas” person, and I find a lot of “Christmas” movies too predictable, cliche, surface-level, PC, “Just Another Re-Write,” and so on. I do have …


Big movie. Bright colors. Beautiful score. Brilliant animation.

Let’s start with story today. One of the reasons Pixar has become such a huge company is their absolute dedication to story, or so I’ve been told. I have to admit I haven’t been disappointed so far. This story, however, was interesting …

Bitcoin Heist – Siêu Trộm

This was another one of those movies where you’re scrolling through Netflix, see something moderately interesting and, after a quick look at Rotten Tomatoes, start watching. And it’s in another language. But hey, it was still very interesting right off the bat, so we watched it anyway. (There were subtitles …

Solo: A Star Wars Story

I know a few people who were hesitant to go see this film, and I can understand why. With all the weirdness going on in The Last Jedi and the general lack of the classic Star Wars-ness that accompanied that movie, I was wondering just how terrible this one was …

The Imperfect Hero

In one of my favorite classes in my first semester of college we spent a lot of time talking about storytelling. We discussed what makes a good character, what makes a good plot line and twist, the patterns of stories over the years, and so on. Come to think of …

The Call Up

This is one of the best B-movies you are ever going to see.

It’s a great sci-fi action film with full effects, a good storyline, a few plot twists, and individualized characters. This post will contain serious spoilers, so if you care about that sort of thing, go watch it.…

National Treasure

This one has me wondering, what makes a good movie, really?




What makes something enjoyable, memorable, a favorite? How do you make a movie that draws emotion and connects to the viewer and all that other jazz that we usually don’t think about? There are a lot

Doctor Strange

In all honesty, about two-thirds of the reason I went to see this film in the first place was to see how they pulled off all those effects.

   I am glad I went. The VFX visualization and execution was stunning. The story was fun and interesting, as well, but would

The Martian

According to one source*, what astronaut Mark Watney had to do to survive alone on Mars was quite accurate.

   I hope you were not expecting to stay away from spoilers in the opening line. The plotline is pretty basic, though. A mission is interrupted by a storm and one


It is an odd feeling, walking into a theater to see a movie based on events you remember.

   I had a similar sensation when I went to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, a great film that I hope to see again and blog about in the near
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