National Treasure

This one has me wondering, what makes a good movie, really?




What makes something enjoyable, memorable, a favorite? How do you make a movie that draws emotion and connects to the viewer and all that other jazz that we usually don’t think about? There are a lot

The Breakfast Club

This story gets its drive from character development.

   That’s practically all it is. Five stereotyped kids are placed in a stereotypical environment. The only thing that can happen is character development.
   When you have a story like Lord of the Rings, you have to spend some time

Sherlock, Season Two

This serves as an excellent follow-up to season one.

   The second season of Sherlock opens where season one ends. There is one grand twist, then it’s off to more adventures. It continues to build characters even as it adds new ones, and does it all with style.


Hedgehog in the Fog

Since you should really see this, I have taken the liberty of posting the video below:

   This film was animated in 1975 by Russian Yuriy Norshteyn. I first saw it a few months ago, but it sticks in your head. I encourage you to watch it twice. This is

Sherlock, Season One

I see this as a brilliant combination of Sir Doyle’s genius and the modern world.

   If you asked a younger version of myself who my favorite superhero was, you would invariably receive one of two answers. While there is an excellent older television series showcasing Robin Hood, my other favorite was the mysterious Sherlock

Now You See Me

Then again, “The closer you think you are, the less you’ll actually see.”

   This line, and variations thereof, are sprinkled throughout the dialogue is this incredible piece of showmanship. Of course, time after time this belief is proven to be correct, right up to the final twist. Since this is a


You know, I wouldn’t have put a Japanese cellist into an encoffining agency, but the story works.

   It works exceptionally well. Like Amadeus and The Red Violin, this film shows a lot about the importance of music in a culture. It takes a step beyond that, though,


Any movie about Mozart better have some great music.

   … And Amadeus delivered. Right from the beginning this film was a blend of comedy, tragedy, honesty, lies, solemnity and music.
   Throughout, the image is pristine. The shots are artful and help tell the story. They also hold a

Forrest Gump

I can understand why this is a classic with viewers.

   The way the story is put forth is genuine. There is little elaboration, or what is was not intentional. Forrest explains his life as he saw it. Nothing special, maybe, but it’s what he has. The acting was good,

Dead Poets Society

This is possibly the best story I have ever seen.

 The dangers of power and authority and freedom are explored in this film. The responsibilities of each are displayed, as well as consequences when they are abused. Characters are, in general, round and dynamic. The can bounce off each other.

Funny Face

Visually stunning.

   These were among the first words to pop into my head when the film began. The lights, the colors, the set, the choreography… Everything advances the plot in this movie.

   Let’s begin with the “Pink” scene. It is the background for the fashion industry. It’s bright,