Big movie. Bright colors. Beautiful score. Brilliant animation.

Let’s start with story today. One of the reasons Pixar has become such a huge company is their absolute dedication to story, or so I’ve been told. I have to admit I haven’t been disappointed so far. This story, however, was interesting …

Doctor Strange

In all honesty, about two-thirds of the reason I went to see this film in the first place was to see how they pulled off all those effects.

   I am glad I went. The VFX visualization and execution was stunning. The story was fun and interesting, as well, but would

Jurassic World

Ladies and gentlemen, a thriller.

   Right from the get-go, this film is designed to have the audience on the edge of their seats. The acting, the plot-line, the animation, the lights, the camerawork, the costumes, the sound, the set, and subplots; everything is geared toward an adrenaline rush. I have a