Forrest Gump

I can understand why this is a classic with viewers.

   The way the story is put forth is genuine. There is little elaboration, or what is was not intentional. Forrest explains his life as he saw it. Nothing special, maybe, but it’s what he has. The acting was good,

Funny Face

Visually stunning.

   These were among the first words to pop into my head when the film began. The lights, the colors, the set, the choreography… Everything advances the plot in this movie.

   Let’s begin with the “Pink” scene. It is the background for the fashion industry. It’s bright,

True Grit (2010)

No, this is not the John Wayne version.

   Now, I don’t know if all westerns are good, I’ve only seen good ones, or I like them all. Whatever the reason, this was a good movie and a great film. The story is classic and beautifully told, from colors to