The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I have wanted to see this movie since I first saw the poster. I don’t remember when that was, but it feels like forever.

I have read the books. However, it was a very long time ago, so I don’t remember how many details were straight from the book(s) and …

The Christmas Chronicles

Between hearing great things about this movie and Netfilx’s recent releases, we decided this movie was worth a shot. Now, I don’t usually consider myself a “Christmas” person, and I find a lot of “Christmas” movies too predictable, cliche, surface-level, PC, “Just Another Re-Write,” and so on. I do have …

National Treasure

This one has me wondering, what makes a good movie, really?




What makes something enjoyable, memorable, a favorite? How do you make a movie that draws emotion and connects to the viewer and all that other jazz that we usually don’t think about? There are a lot

Wreck-It Ralph

This movie was a great example of how many ingredients it takes to make a good story.

   I was genuinely impressed. From concept to execution, characters to dialogue, set design to sound, the digital world to which we are introduced makes a great stage.

   The opening of the

Never Cry Wolf

That is, if you do cry “wolf!” at least know what you are doing.

   Over and over in the course of the film, but mostly in the first half, I marveled at how dumb the people were. There appeared to be little realistic planning, and less training. But

Into the Woods

I can’t say if the book was better, but the play was.

   Everything that carried over from the original script was fine. The musical numbers are often clever, propelling the story and developing the characters. The characters themselves were believable in their circumstances. By using characters from popular fairy tales,

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Can anyone explain the dentist thing?

   No? That’s ok, because there is a lot in this film that goes unexplained. The whole thing felt like some college students decided to have a field day with a camera shortly after being pent up listening to a  medieval history lecture. It

Dead Poets Society

This is possibly the best story I have ever seen.

 The dangers of power and authority and freedom are explored in this film. The responsibilities of each are displayed, as well as consequences when they are abused. Characters are, in general, round and dynamic. The can bounce off each other.

The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency – Season One

This series started with a bang.

   Not literally, but the pilot started this series in a strong, glorious manner. It introduced characters at a steady rate, set up the backstory and provided plenty of laughs and tear-jerkers along the way. It started with already sure yet humble

Beyond the Mask

Corruption, redemption, bombs, secret identity, true love, Tories, Patriots and Benjamin Franklin; what more could you want?

   Probably a lot of things, but that’s not the point.

   Set in the 1770’s, this film makes use of authentic sets, costume, language and props, but stays modern at the same

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

You know the acting is good when you don’t think about it at all.

   Really, even when you think, “Wow, that was good acting,” you’re admitting it’s acting. Something was not done in earnest. Something made you believe it was fake. Of course, there is a lot more

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

This was an interesting one.

   After doing a little research, you can appreciate this film more. There was very little story-boarding, the shots were chronological, and the kids were left as kids. These give the film a spontaneous, natural feel. At the same time, it feels disconnected and