The Breakfast Club

This story gets its drive from character development.

   That’s practically all it is. Five stereotyped kids are placed in a stereotypical environment. The only thing that can happen is character development.
   When you have a story like Lord of the Rings, you have to spend some time

The Piano

I must be missing something here.

   I can’t stop thinking this was a waste of my time. During the film and after, as I pondered it, I kept coming back to that thought.
   The film was not poorly executed. It was well edited, the sets were good, and

The Red Violin


   I have not seen anything quite like that before, and hope to see more like it in the future. The story was compelling, intricate, and full of potential. The execution was marvelous. I really recommend this one.
   When I first realized the film was in a different


Any movie about Mozart better have some great music.

   … And Amadeus delivered. Right from the beginning this film was a blend of comedy, tragedy, honesty, lies, solemnity and music.
   Throughout, the image is pristine. The shots are artful and help tell the story. They also hold a


A movie about a movie; always intriguing, often perplexing.

   The story begins where the movie begins. Storyboard-style illustrations describing “current” events in Iran glide and snap on the screen, with a narrative to go alongside. There is a relatively smooth connection to what could be security cameras, watching