The Breakfast Club

This story gets its drive from character development.

   That’s practically all it is. Five stereotyped kids are placed in a stereotypical environment. The only thing that can happen is character development.
   When you have a story like Lord of the Rings, you have to spend some time

Jurassic World

Ladies and gentlemen, a thriller.

   Right from the get-go, this film is designed to have the audience on the edge of their seats. The acting, the plot-line, the animation, the lights, the camerawork, the costumes, the sound, the set, and subplots; everything is geared toward an adrenaline rush. I have a

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

This was an interesting one.

   After doing a little research, you can appreciate this film more. There was very little story-boarding, the shots were chronological, and the kids were left as kids. These give the film a spontaneous, natural feel. At the same time, it feels disconnected and