Big movie. Bright colors. Beautiful score. Brilliant animation.

Let’s start with story today. One of the reasons Pixar has become such a huge company is their absolute dedication to story, or so I’ve been told. I have to admit I haven’t been disappointed so far. This story, however, was interesting …

Solo: A Star Wars Story

I know a few people who were hesitant to go see this film, and I can understand why. With all the weirdness going on inĀ The Last Jedi and the general lack of the classic Star Wars-ness that accompanied that movie, I was wondering just how terrible this one was …

National Treasure

This one has me wondering, what makes a good movie, really?




What makes something enjoyable, memorable, a favorite? How do you make a movie that draws emotion and connects to the viewer and all that other jazz that we usually don’t think about? There are a lot

Never Cry Wolf

That is, if you do cry “wolf!” at least know what you are doing.

   Over and over in the course of the film, but mostly in the first half, I marveled at how dumb the people were. There appeared to be little realistic planning, and less training. But